Marketing vs Selling for Coaches

By Michael | Marketing

Oct 26

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Marketing VS Selling

Here’s why so many prospects pass up on 98% of all coaches I know – and here’s how to fix it.

First, let’s draw a clear line in the sand between marketing and selling on this timeline.

They are completely different.

You see, When we market to people, we send them on an enticing and helpful journey of discovery.

When we sell, we show them our offer and ask for a sale.

Marketing is all about our prospects.

Selling is all about our offer.

So if you even mention your service or product during your marketing, you’re making a big mistake.

So check this out and I’ll tell you why.

Don’t Sell Until The Prospect Is Ready

This point right here is a critical point.

Two things happen.

One – you make your offer.

Two – your prospect has a single, very STRONG belief in something, and because of that, he actually wants your coaching.

For example, let’s say you are a fitness coach for men over the age of 50.

If your prospect truly believed that:

Your “Fast-Twitch Hormone Correction” routine builds functional strength and burns fat faster than any other strategy for men over 50.

And you were offering to coach USING this strategy, they’d pick you.

I’m talking about a prospect that REALLY believes that core belief.

Now,I don’t know whether you’ve seen the movie Inception, but the REAL trick is getting someone to come up with a belief like that on their own.

At first it seems like it would be really hard to do, but as it turns out the best marketers do it all the time, and you can too.

Here’s how:

Think Like a Lawyer

You know how lawyers stand in front of a jury and ask them to believe something and then prove it’s true, then they ask them to believe something else, and prove that too?

And you know how they just keep doing that over and over, belief after belief, proof after proof, until the jury finally comes to the conclusion that the lawyer’s client is innocent?

Well all you have to do is come up with all the things your prospect must believe in order to come up with that one core belief over here.

For example, one belief might be that over the age of 40, there is a rise in SHBG keeping what little testosterone they have left have from being used.

For proof, you can reference a scientific study, you can show before & after pictures, you can show testimonials, and that kind of stuff.

For another belief, you might state that short high intensity training burns sugar immediately, *BUT* burns fat for the next 36 hours.

And to prove that one, you can quote another scientific study, or do an interview with a medical authority, or show some more before & after pictures.

Here’s another example..

In our core belief, remember your the prospect is convinced that “YOUR” routine is the best.

For proof, you might prove that you are an authority by showing off your best-selling book, or national media coverage.


The point is that you keep building these beliefs.

You take your prospect on a journey of curiosity and intellectual intrigue, while providing a helpful, and valuable education for them.


But NO selling.

Deliver Belief AND Proof

How do you do that exactly?

Everybody does it differently of course.

Some people put all of this stuff in a single, monster sales page, or sales video.

Some people send a series of emails with links to blog posts, launch-videos, infographics, press-releases, podcasts, ads, etc. you get the idea, right?

Now, assuming that you have done this enough, covered ALL the needed beliefs, AND proved them all, a prospect will arrive at this destination belief, this single core belief, all on his own.

Seriously, this is a FUNDAMENTAL principle of direct response marketing. It’s been around for decades.

All that’s left to do is just make him aware of your offer.

The point is, if you make your coaching offer right on your website homepage, before they see anything else, 98% of them are going to pass you by.

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